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What to Do After Wildfire

Probably the most frequently asked question is what species to plant for erosion control after fire. But first you should determine whether seeding is necessary. 

The California Native Plant Society does not recommend seeding after wildfire.We recommend reading these resources from CNPS 

Don't assume that you have no natives on your land. Native perennials will usually recover after a fire unless it is severe. 

However, this may be a great opportunity to create a native meadow on your land. 

Hedgerow Farms in Winters has developed native seed mixes, Recommended  California Native Seed Mixes Available for Post Fire Seeding in Sonoma Countyfor post-fire erosion control.

Harmony Farm Supply in Sebastopol has two native wildflower seed mix:  Harmony Farm Supply has a nice native wildflower seed mix: https://www.harmonyfarm.com/native-california-wildflower-seed-mix/  

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