Celebrating and conserving the ecological richness of California's grasslands

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Welcome to the California Native Grasslands Association

The only organization working exclusively to conserve and restore California's native grasslands

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Upcoming events

    • Wednesday, June 01, 2022
    • 8:30 AM
    • Saturday, December 31, 2022
    • 2:30 PM
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    Landscaping with Nature: Engaging with Evolutionary Ecology in Your Native Garden 

    Recorded talks & supporting materials available on-line

    This highly acclaimed workshop from August 2020, is suitable for landscape professionals and anyone interested in maximizing habitat values in their landscaping. Expert instructors present cutting-edge methods of design, installation, management, and maintenance including site evaluation, plant selection, evolutionary interactions, habitat features, and planting best practices to create a wildlife-friendly landscape. 

    Here are the titles and instructors for the recorded presentations: 

    • Site Evaluations, Habitat Features and Species Selection when Designing with Nature - Pat Reynolds, General Manager, Hedgerow Farms, Winters
    • Living Landscapes - Designing Native Plant Gardens That Attract Wildlife and Still Look Good - Haven Kiers, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Dept. of Human Ecology, UC Davis 
    • Designing Habitats to Benefits Native Bee - Forage and Beyond - Neal Williams, Professor of Pollination Ecology, Dept. of Entomology, UC Davis
    • Maximizing Habitat for Birds and Other Wildlife Species in Landscapes - John Sterling, Ornithologist, Sterling Wildlife Biology
    • Conservation and Coevolution - Making the Case That Natives Add Value - Billy Krimmel, Miridae Landscaping Company, Sacramento

    Contact us if you have questions at admin@cnga.org.

    We hope you enjoy these presentations. 

    Sponsored by: Delta Bluegrass Co., Miridae Landscape Co., The Watershed Nursery, Hedgerow Farms, Inc. 

    Landscape photos by Saxon Holt. Bee and Clarkia photo by Pat Reynolds. 

    • Wednesday, June 01, 2022
    • 8:30 AM
    • Saturday, December 31, 2022
    • 3:30 PM
    • Website link sent upon confirmation of registration.

    CNGA's 14th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms

    Sowing the Seeds of Grassland Restoration:

    CNGA’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

    Recordings and Materials from the Webinar Event Presented on June 11, 2021

    CNGA and Hedgerow Farms partnered for the 14th year  to offer this opportunity to learn new perspectives on grassland restoration and practice in California’s spectacular native grasslands. In these on-demand recordings of the June 11, 2021 event, we take you through the restoration process: from wildland seed collection through farm production to tours of restored field sites. See full agenda here.

    Follow the life of a seed from wildland seed collection to farm production

    • Seed collection with Jeff Quiter, Hedgerow Farms; Tanya Meyer, Yolo Co. RCD
    • Farm production: planting harvesting, processing with Pat Reynolds, CNGA,  Bryan Young, Sacramento Regional Co. Sanitation District, Chris Rose, Solano RCD

    Seeds of restoration: Where are they now? Tour the state with virtual “show and tell” site visits and presentations

    • Vic Claassen, Soil Scientist, UC Davis Department of Land, Air and Water Resources
    • Valerie Eviner, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
    • Southern California with Robert Freese, Irvine Ranch Conservancy/Orange County Parks, Megan Lulow, UC Irvine, Collin Raff, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
    • Pepperwood Preserve, Sonoma County with Michelle Halbur, Preserve Ecologist
    • A look at a native grassland meadow for a residential landscape five years after install with Billy Krimmel, Founder and President, Miridae Landscape Architecture and Construction
    • Russell Ranch Restoration, UC Davis, Yolo County with JP Marié, Manager, UC Davis Putah Creek Marine Reserve
    • Dos Rios Ranch, with Stephen Sheppard, River Partners

    Short talks by CNGA Leaders, past and present

    • Perspectives on the past and future of grasslands conservation and restoration

    Here are a few reviews of Field Day from our attendees

    • I now know every step of the native grass restoration process. I learned about the importance of healthy soils, plant diversity, planting to adapt for drought, holistic grazing's effects among many things. California grasslands are great!
    • I manage a mitigation program, so I don't necessarily do restoration work myself, but it is always helpful to understand the work of my consultants. I learned some new information and pick up a ton of resource links, which I appreciate.
    • I am a PhD student studying areas relevant to restoration, so this event gave me some further ideas of topics I could do research on and potential field sites. It was also interesting to see a mix of applied and academic perspectives.
    • While I love in-person, I can't deny that there are some nice thin things about virtual, especially the site tours at far-reaching locations!
    Contact us if you have questions at admin@cnga.org

    Hordeum brachyantherum (meadow barley), harvested and drying before cleaning. Photo: Hedgerow Farms, Michele Ranieri. 

    Many thanks to our Sponsors!



    • Wednesday, June 01, 2022
    • 9:00 AM
    • Saturday, December 31, 2022
    • 1:30 PM
    • Recorded Event - We will email you a link upon confirmation of your registration.

    CNGA's 13th Annual and 1st Online Field Day at Hedgerow Farms 

    From the Ashes: Fire and Restoration

     Date of Original On-Line Event: July 10, 2020

    Recordings are now available for the 2020 virtual field day. Watch at your own pace the presentations and field tours amidst the beautiful scenery at Hedgerow Farms Inc. in Winters, CA. 

    Expert speakers discuss current research and best practices.

    • Valerie EvinerProfessor, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
    • Michelle Halbur, Preserve Ecologist, Pepperwood Preserve
    • Don Hankins, Professor of Geography & Planning, CA State University, Chico

      Virtual Walking tours with Andrea Williams, Andrew Fulks, Pat Reynolds, Michele Ranieri, Jim Mast, and Haven Kiers to view Hedgerow Farms’ demonstration gardens, seed barn, native plant nursery, seed cleaning mill, equipment, and production fields.

      Virtual Driving tours with Bryan Young and Chris Rose who will lead you on a virtual tour of Hedgerow Farms’ native grass and wildflower production fields and habitat areas.

      Click here for a PDF of the Agenda

      Contact us if you have questions at admin@cnga.org

      Many thanks to our Sponsors!

    California grasslands are among the most important yet most endangered ecosystems in the United States.
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    Birds and insects that rely on grasslands are among the fastest declining species in North America.
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    Join us in protecting California's valuable grassland habitat. 

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