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Grasslands is published four times year with feature articles about native grasses, restoration, land management, current conservation efforts, and (of course) grassland habitat. 

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Grasslands - Spring 2024 Vol 34. No. 2 

In this issue:


6  Opinion: Native Plant Species are Excellent Choices for Landscaping without Running Risk of Invasion. Authors: Justin Valliere and Jennifer Funk

7 Bunchgrass Circle - CNGA Corporate, Agency & Associate Members

8 California Coastal Restoration is Successful, But May Promote Biotic Homogenization. Authors: Justin C. Luong, Daniel M. Press, Karen D. Holl.  Illustrator: Lesley Goren

11  Who Goes There? Northern California Grassland Wildlife Caught on Candid Camera! Authors: Michelle Halbur, Steven Hammerich, Morgan Gray.

On the cover:  The distinctive shiny white pappus of silver puffs (Uropappus lindleyi), a native plant in the dandelion family Asteraceae. Pappus aid in the wind dispersal of seeds. Pepperwood Preserve, Sonoma County. Photo credit: Michelle Halbur. 

Grasslands - Winter 2023/2024 Vol 34. No. 1

In this issue:


6  Soils Corner: Soil Textures and the Soil Texture Triangle, by CNGA Board

9 CNGA's 15th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms, by Jodie Sheffield and Diana Jeffery. Photos by Jock Hamilton 

13  The Effects of Fuel Load on Prescribed Fire: Implications for Seed Banks in California Annual Grasslands, by Robert Fitch, Mathew Shapero, Marc Mayes, Kaili Brande, and Frank W. Davis

19 Bunchgrass Circle

On the cover: Monarch caterpillar (Danaus plexippus). Taken September 8, 2023 in Willows, CA  Photo credit: CNGA member Peter Carley. 

Grasslands - Summer 2023 Vol 33, No. 3 

In this issue:


6  Double-Duty Landscapes, by Debi McCarthy

7  Maximizing Habitat Value and Function in Urban Landscapes, February 10, 2022 presentation by Pat Reynolds illustrated by Kate Rutter

9  Bunchgrass Circle

10  Join or Renew Your Membership Today and Be a Force for Nature Tomorrow!

11  The Journey of Restoration: A case study of vernal pools, plants, and people, by Joanna Tang

On the cover: Croton setiger, doveweed or turkey-mullein, can be seen in disturbed areas including roadsides, pastures, and grasslands throughout the state at lower elevations this time of year. See the Winter 2018 issue of Grasslands to read an article highlighting this species and its unique seeds. Photo credit: Emily Allen, CNGA Board Member.

Grasslands - Spring 2023 Vol 33, No. 2 

In this issue:

4  VISIT A GRASSLAND: Bucks Lake Wilderness: Observations from the Dixie Fire, by Roisin Murphy-Deak

6  Livestock grazing effects on the spatial patterns of vernal pool vegetation, by Julia Michaels


11 Meet the Class of 2023: Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS) Recipients

18 Bunchgrass Circle

On the cover:  View of Mt. Tamalpais from the predominantly-native serpentine grasslands of Ring Mountain Preserve, Marin County. Photo credit: Jen Mathers, May 2008.

In this issue:

  • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Becca Nelson
  • Letter to the Editor: Cheryl Lisin’s Response to “Ornamental California Native Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes for the Landscape” by David Amme
  • Local Grassland Restoration Affects Insect Communities, Study By Justin C. Luong, Patrick L. Turner, Celina N. Phillipson, and Kaija C. Seltmann; Art by Vicky Cheung
  • Invasive Annual Weeds — Problems or Symptoms? Part 5, Richard King
  • Bunchgrass Circle - Corporate and Associate Members - Thank You!

On the cover: California fescue (Festuca californica) in Oregon oak (Quercus garryana) understory, just starting to regrow a week after a prescription burn at Pepperwood in late October 2022. Photo credit: Michelle Halbur, CNGA Board Member.

    Grasslands - Fall 2022 Vol 32. No. 4

    In this issue:

    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Robert Fitch, PHD Candidate, UC Santa Barbara, GRASS scholarship winner 2021
    • Digitized Herbarium Specimens as Keystones of Grassland Research, by Katelin D. Pearson and Jennifer M. Yost
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Joanna Tang, PhD Candidate, UC Santa Barbara, GRASS scholarship winner 2020 & 2021
    • Introducing Heritage Growers by Pat Reynolds
    • Meet a Rancher: Tracy Schohr, partner in Schohr Ranch and Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor with UCCE for Plumas, Sierra, and Butte Counties. 
    • Bunchgrass Circle - Corporate and Associate Members - Thank You!

    On the cover: Late-season Lupinus sp. at Elisa Dowd's property on Las Trampas Ridge in San Ramon, Contra Costa County. Photo by Elisa Dowd, September 2020.

    Grasslands - Summer 2022 Vol 32. No. 3

    In this issue:

    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Gregory Arena, PHD Candidate, UC Berkeley, GRASS scholarship winner 2020
    • An Introduction to "Ornamental California Native Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes for the Landscape, by Davis Amme," by Jim Hanson 
    • Ornamental California Native Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes for the Landscape, by Davis Amme
    • Visit a Grassland: North Campus Open Space, Santa Barbara, California, by Joanna Tang, PhD Candidate, UC Santa Barbara, GRASS scholarship winner 2020 & 2021
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Suzann Ou, PhD Candidate, Stanford, GRASS scholarship winner 2021
    • Bunchgrass Circle - Corporate and Associate Members - Thank You!

    On the cover: Bald Hills north of Pepperwood Preserve. Photo: Michelle Halbur, CNGA Board Member 

    Grasslands - Spring 2022 Vol 32. No. 2

    In this issue:

    • The Effects of Invasive Hairy Vetch on Grassland Plant-Pollinator Mutualisms, by Rebecca Ann Nelson, PhD Candidate, UC Davis, CNGA GRASS Recipient, 2021 & 2022
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Leila Wahab, PhD Candidate, UC Merced
    • Thatch Management Using Mowing and Grazing to Benefit the Behren’s Endangered Butterfuly (Speyeria zerene behrensii), Manchester, California, USA, by Terra Fuller, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) at Sonoma-Mendocino Coast District, California State Parks
    • Meet a Rancher: Dan Macon, Flying Mule Sheep Company
    • Meet the Class of 2022: Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS) Recipients
    • Bunchgrass Circle - Corporate and Associate Members

    On the cover: Viola adunca, Western dog violet, in bloom on Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands, May 2019. It is a host plant to several butterflies including the endangered Myrtle’s and Behren’s. Photo: Emily Allen, CNGA board member

    Grasslands - Winter 2022 Vol 32. No. 1

    In this issue:

    • Inter-annual Variation in Plant Community Composition and Structure Informs Passive Restoration Actions in Western Mojave Desert Rangeland, Tejon Ranch, California, by C. Ellery Mayence, Laura Pavliscak, Neil Kramer, Mtichell L. Coleman, and Michael D. White
    • Vist a Native Grassland: Spenceville Wildlife Area, Yuba and Nevada Counties, California, by Leticia Morris
    • Charismatic Coastal Communities, by Alexis LaFever-Jackson
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Lina Aoyama, University of Oregon
    • Bunchgrass Circle - Corporate and Associate Members
    On the cover: Gumplant (Grindelia spp,) plants coated in a thick ice from a freeze event at Pepperwood Preserve February 2019. Photo: Michelle Halbur, CNGA Board Member

    Grasslands - Fall 2021 Vol 31. No. 4

    In this issue:

    • CNGA’s 14th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms: Sowing the Seeds of Grasslands Conservation – Pat Reynolds and Diana Jeffery
    • Bunchgrass Circle - CNGA's Corporate, Agency, and Associate Members - Thank you!
    • A Story of Vernal Pool Restoration Within the Laguna de Santa Rosa Floodplains – Sarah P. Gordon, Asa Voight, and Wendy Trowbridge
    • Diversity & Inclusion Conversations – Leticia Morris
    • Notable Revisions to Grassland Species Treatments in the Jepson eFlora – Emily Allen
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Eliza Hernández, University of Oregon
    • California Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS)
    • Native California Meadow Grasses – Davis Amme, 1985

    On the cover:  Revitalized by early rains, California fescue (Festuca californica) is illuminated through a canopy opening in an Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) savanna at the top of the Graham Creek drainage, Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County, California. Photo: Jeffery T. Wilcox

    Grasslands - Summer 2021 Vol 31. No. 3

    Special 30th-Anniversary Issue

    In this issue:

    • Thirty Years of Changes in How We Understand and Steward California’s Grasslands - Valerie Eviner and Michelle Halbur
    • CNGA’s Origin and History in Three Brief but Spectacular Articles - Robert Delzell, David Amme, John Anderson
    • Grass is the Forgiveness of Nature, David Amme, Reprint from Grasslands, Vol 21. No 1. 
    • Note from a CNGA Founder, John Anderson, Reprint from Grasslands, Vol 21. No 1. 
    • VISIT A NATIVE GRASSLAND: Russell Ranch, UC Davis -Sarah Gaffney
    • Observations of Ecotypes Used for Native Grassland Restoration at Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge - Joe Silveira
    • Evolutionary Lineages, Unrecognized Local Plant Endemism, and Conservation of Cryptic California Native Plant Diversity - Bruce Baldwin

    • 30th Anniversary Membership Interest Survey - Sarah Gaffney
    • Meet the Class of 2021: Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS) Recipients – Gregory Arena, Nora Bales, Ernesto Chavez-Velasco, Roisin Deák, Robert Fitch, Madison Fedor, Raphaela Elise Floreani Buzbee, Rebecca Ann Nelson Landin Noland, Suzanne Ou, Joanna Tang
    • Bunchgrass Circle – CNGA’s Corporate, Agency and Associate Members – Thank You! 

    On the cover: CNGA 30th Anniversary Cover Artwork by Lesley Goren, Counter-clockwise from left: Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta), Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus), Kotolo Milkweed (Asclepias eriocarpa), Western Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum), California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica), Baby Blue-eyes (Nemophila menziesii), Sky Lupine (Lupinus nanus), Western Bumblebee (Bombus occidentalis), Purple Needlegrass (Stipa pulchra).

    Thank you, Lesley, for your colorful and fanciful grassland bouquet!

    Grasslands - Spring 2021 Vol 31. No. 2

    Commemorative Issue: John Anderson

    In this issue: 

    • Introduction - Bryan Young and Emily Allen
    • The University of Hedgerow Farms -Bryan Young
    • John Anderson's Living Legacy: On- farm habitat and native seed production at Hedgerow Farms, Pat Reynolds and Jeff Quiter
    • The Field as a Classroom - Emily Allen
    • Contributions to the Field of Grasslands Research in California - Emily Allen
    • John Anderson - California Native Grassland Restoration Pioneer and Champion of Native Grassland Restoration at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex - Joe Silveira
    • Truly a Man Outstanding in His Field: John Anderson's Service and Awards - Taya Meyer
    • Bunchgrass Circle - CNGA's Corporate, Agency and Associate Members
    On the Cover: John was eager to show off the amazing blooms at Yanci Ranch in March 2015. Here he strolls through a field of blue dips (Dipterostemon capitatus, formerly Dichelostemma capitatum). Photo by Emily Alle

       Grasslands - Winter 2021 Vol 31. No. 1 

       In this issue:

    • Announcing Two Special Grasslands Issues in 2021
    • Selecting Coastal California Prairie Species for Climate-Smart Grassland Restoration, Justin Luong and Michael E. Loik
    • CNGA to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary, Jodie Sheffield and Diana Jeffery
    • Using California Native Grasses in Garden Design, Terri McFarland, originally published for the Dogpatch-Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District
    • Seasonal Changes in Forage Nutrient and Toxicity Levels on California Central Coast Rangelands: A Preliminary Study, RE Larsen, D Cook, DR Gardner, ST Lee, M Shapero, L Althouse, M Dennis, LC Forero, JS Dav, DR Rao, M Horney, K Brown, CW Rigby, KB Jensen
    • Multiple-Year Control of Medusahead on the Modoc Plateau, Tom Getts
    • Meet a Grassland Researcher: Roxanne Hulme Foss, Senior Ecologist with Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting
    • Bunchgrass Circle
    On the cover: Fresh snow blankets a dormant grassland on top of Sonoma Mountain in Sonoma County. Photo: Jeffery T. Wilcox, Managing Ecologist, Sonoma Mountain Ranch Preservation Foundation, Former CNGA Board Member.

    Grasslands - Fall 2020 Vol 30. No. 4 

       In this issue:

    • CNGA's 13th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms Goes Virtual, Pat Reynolds
    • Meet a Grasslands Researcher: Roisin Deák, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
    • More Questions than Answers: The Recovery of Biological Soil Crust Communities After Prescribed Burns, Brianne Palmer and David Lipson
    • Illustrated Research Article! Coastal Prairie Restoration: Choosing Plants for Success, Justin Luong, Karen Holl, and Michael Loik. Art by Lesley Goren
    • Visit a Native Grasslands: Drakesbad Meadow, Lassen Volcanic Park, Kendra Moseley and Marchel Munnecke
    • Hands on the Land, Heart in Community: Returning Cultural Fires, Deniss J. Martinez. Originally published at
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    On the cover: Grindelia camporum, gumweed, a wonderful late-season prolific blooming perennial forb.  Photo by Emily Allen, botanical and restoration consultant and CNGA board member (November 2019).

     Grasslands - Summer 2020 Vol 30. No. 3 

       In this issue:

    • The Impact of Drought and Pocket Gophers on Restored Native Perennial Bunchgrasses in California, Madeline Nolan and Travis Stoakley
    • Grasslands Researcher: Justin Luong
    • Can a Summer Burn Following Watering to Flush the Exotic Annual Grass Seedbank Confer an Advantage to Native Perennial Grasses in Restored Grasslands? Kristina Wolf 
    • Species Spotlight: Hairy Orcutt Grass, Chad Aakre
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    On the cover:  A beautiful and diverse collection of natives found on a rural roadside outside of Petaluma. Photo by Emily Allen, CNGA Board Member

    Grasslands - Spring 2020 Vol 30. No. 2

    In this issue

    • Biodiversity Loss and Phenology in California Grasslands, Edith Lai and Rachel Olliff Yang
    • Grasslands Researcher: Sarah Gaffney, Graduate Group in Ecology, Eviner Lab, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
    • A View from the Field: Invasive Annual Weeds—Problems or Symptoms? Part 4, Richard King
    • Species Spotlight: Hairy Wood Rush, Emily Allen
    • Large-flowered Fiddleneck Recovery Implementation Team, Jeb Bjerke
    • Meet the 2020 Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS) Recipients
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    On the cover:  San Luis Obispo County wildflowers, April 13, 2019. Photo: Mariga Torossian

    Grasslands - Winter 2020 Vol 30. No. 1 

    • Species Spotlight: Santa Cruz Tarplant (Holocarpha macradenia), Michele Hammond
    • California Native Grasslands: A Historical Perspective, A Guide for Developing realistic Restoration Objectives, Sheila Barry, Stephanie Larson, and Melvin George
    • Meet a Grasslands Researcher: Maddie Nolan
    • CNGA Salutes Contributions of Retiring Long-Term Board Members: Jennifer Buck-Diaz, Jeff Wilcox, Jim Hanson
    • Unraveling the Plant-insect interactions Taking Place in Your Native Garden, Billy Krimmel and Haven Kiers
    • Meet a Rancher: Julie Finigan Morris and Joe Morris, Owners & Founders of T.O. Cattle Company in San Juan Bautista, California
    • Is Funding Always Worth the Cost? Jeffery Stackhouse and Lena Quinn-Davidson
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    Grasslands - Fall 2019 Vol 29. No. 4

      • VISIT A NATIVE GRASSLAND: Walking in Wet Boots--Prairies of Point Arena, Jennifer Buck-Diaz
      • Mapping and Investigating the Spatial Distribution of Peritoma arborea var. globosa, a California Endemic Shrub, Dylan J. Stover
      • SPECIES SPOTLIGHT:  Monument Plant (Frasera speciosa), Laura K. Snell
      • Impacts of Coastal Scrub on the Diversity of Introduced and Native Grass in Southwestern Marin County, Gregory Arena
      • Safeguard Native Grasses and Forbs for a More Wildfire Resilient California: CNGA weighs in on big state vegetation treatment project affecting over 20 million acres, Jim Hanson
      • A New Field Guide for Identifying Weeds, Forages and Native of Central Sierra Nevada, Scott Oneto
      • Bunchgrass Circle


      Grasslands - Summer 2019 Vol 29. No. 3 - Special Issue: Fire in California

      • CNGA's 12th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms, Pat Reynolds
      • Location and Seeding Affect the Outcomes of Controlled Burning of California Annual Rangeland, Josh Davy, Lenya Quinn-Davidson, and Jeffery Stackhouse
      • Species Spotlight: Fire Poppy, Tatiana Manzanillo
      • Invasive Weed Management Post-Wildfire: Closer Look at Camp Fire Invasive Weeds in Right-of-ways, Tracy Schohr, Ryan Tompkins, Tom Getts, Kate Wilkin, and Jen Wiley
      • Grasslands Researcher: Sasha Berleman, Fire Foward Program Director, Audubon Canyon Ranch
      • Burning by the Day: Why Cost/acre is not a Good Metric for Prescribed Fire, Lenya Quinn-Davidson and Jeffery Stackhouse
      • Field Report: Building a Burn Trailer to Support Your Community's Prescribed Fire Efforts, Lenya Quinn-Davidson and Jeffery Stackhouse
      • Going Native: Designing for Fire--Homeowner Guidelines and Considerations for Native Planting, Haven Kiers and Jessica Colvin

      Grasslands - Spring 2019 Vol 29. No. 2

      • Restoring Native Grasslands for Wildlife and Grazing, Robert Evans
      • Grow a Genius! The excitement of looking at evolutionary radiations in your garden, Eric LoPresti
      • Climate Change and Grass-Specialist Butterflies of the Central Valley, Angela Laws
      • Options for Prescribed Fire on Private Lands in California, Jeffery Stackhouse and Lenya Quinn-Davidson
      • Species Spotlight: Side-blotched Lizard, Felix Ratcliff
      • Grasslands Researcher: Three Ecologists Remember Dr. Erin Espeland, Taraneh Emam, Beth Leger, and Kevin Rice
      • Meet the 2019 Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship Recipients

      Grasslands - Winter 2019 Vol 29. No. 1 

      Grasslands - Fall 2018 Vol 28. No. 4          

        • Snapshot: Native Landscaping and Metapopulations
        • Monitoring Long-term Change in Coastal Prairies of the Marin Headlands
        • Visiting California Grasslands: Brushy Peak Regional Preserve
        • Species Spotlight: Narrow Manna Grass
        • Explaining the Dispersed Spatial Pattern of Peritoma arborea var. globosa

        Grasslands - Summer 2018 Vol 28. No. 3          

        • Visiting California Grasslands: Azalea hill/Pine Mountain, Marin Co., Andrea Williams
        • CNGA's 11th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms, Pat Reynolds
        • Species Spotlight: Jerusalem Cricket, Jeffery T. Wilcox
        • A View From the Field: Invasive Annual Weeds - Problems or Symptoms? Part 2, Richard King

        Grasslands - Spring 2018 Vol 28. No. 2     

        • Natural History (for a Natural Future) in  California's Grasslands, Nate Chisholm
        • Species Spotlight: Loggerhead Shrike, Felix Ratcliff
        • Mechanical Removal of Coyote Brush (Baccharis pilularis), Jeffrey Stackhouse, Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Josh Davy
        • Getting to Know Grassland Researchers: Felix Ratcliff
        • California Range and Natural Resources Camp, Michelle Cooper
        • Invasive Annual Weeds--Problems or Symptoms?, Richard King
        • Snapshot: Springtime Observations in Your Native Garden, Billy Krimmel
        • Grasslands Explored at Los Angeles CNPS Conference, Jim Hanson
        • Visiting California Grasslands: Low Gap Park, Ukiah, Mendocino County, Emily Allen

        APPENDIX: Abstracts on Grasslands from CNPS Conference, February 2018 in Los Angeles

        Grasslands Vol 28. No. 1 - Winter 2018


        • California's Native Perennial Grasses Provide Strong Suppression of Goatgrass and Medusahead
        • Reprint from 2008 with introduction comments from CNGA Board Members - Italian Ryegrass: A New Central California Dominant? 
        • Creating Structured Native Meadows for Landscapes

        Grasslands Vol 27, No. 4 - Fall 2017  


        • Re-watering Rangeland for Drought Resistance
        • Landscaping with Natives - Sticky Plants in Your Garden 
        • Species Spotlight: Western Meadowlark
        • Visit a Grassland: Point St. George
        • Progress Report: Tumbleweed on California's Central Coast

        Vol. 27. No. 3 - Summer 2017 -Special Issue - Critters in the Grasslands

        • California's Central Valley: A Winter Paradise for North America's Raptors
        • Game Species Management and Economics of Hunting Enterprises in California Grasslands
        • Species Spotlight: Crab Spider
        • Announcing a New Grasslands Series: Native Landscaping Snapshots

           Vol. 27. No. 2 -  Spring 2017 Special Issue: Climate Change and Grasslands
                   Appendix to Volume 27 (2)

          Feature Articles:

          • California's Drier Future: What Will it Mean for Grasslands?, Susan Harrison
          • Soil Characteristics Influence Drought Tolerance of Perennial Plants During Mediterranean Summers or Projected Climate Changes, Vic Claassen
          • Experimental Approaches to Addressing Climate Change Challenges in Prairie Restoration, T Young, KL Stuble, JA Balachowski, ME Lulow, C Werner, K Wolf
          • Species Spotlight: Douglas' Meadowfoam, Andrea Williams

            Vol. 27. No. 1 - Winter 2017 

            Feature Articles:

            • Sleeping Beneath the Weeds: Unearthing California Native Seeds
            • In Search of an "Honest" Grass
            • Visit a Grassland: Jepson Prairie Preserve, Solano County

            Vol. 26. No. 4 - Fall 2016

                 Supplemental materials: References and Appendix

               Feature Articles:

            • Restoring Native Coastal Prairies on California's Lost Coast
            • Seedbanks in Restored and Degraded Annual California Grasslands: Implications for Management
            • Breeding Systems and Hybridization Potential of Native Grassland Species

            Vol. 26. No.3 - Summer 2016

            Feature Articles:

            • Topography, Nitrogen and the Growth of Stipa pulchra
            • Santa Rosa Plateau Habitat Studies and Restoration Program
            • Diversifying  Revegetated Native Grassland Communities with Native Wildflowers

            Vol. 26. No.2 - Spring 2016

            Vol. 26, No. 1 - Winter 2016

            Vol. 25, No. 4 - Fall 2015

            Vol. 25, No. 3 - Summer 2015

                        Vol. 25, No. 3 - Summer 2015 Appendix A 
              Vol 25, No. 2 - Spring 2015

              Vol. 25, No. 1 - Winter 2015

              Vol. 24, No. 4 - Fall 2014

              Vol. 24, No. 3 - Summer 2014

              Vol. 24, No. 2 - Spring 2014 Special Issue:Drought Management

              Vol. 24. No. 1 - Winter 2014

              Vol. 23, No. 4 - Fall 2013

              Vol. 23, No. 3 - Summer 2013

              Vol. 23, No. 2 - Spring 2013

              Vol. 23, No. 1 - Winter 2013

              Vol. 22, No. 4 - Fall 2012

              Vol. 22, No. 3 - Summer 2012

              Vol. 22, No. 2 - Spring 2012

              Vol. 22, No. 1 - Winter 2012

              Vol. 21, No. 4 - Fall 2011

              Vol. 21, No. 3 - Summer 2011 

              Vol. 21, No. 2 - Spring 2011 Feature Article - CNGA 20th Anniversary: What have we learned about grasses or grasslands in the past 20 years? part 2. 

              Vol. 21, No. 1 - Winter 2011  Feature Article - CNGA 20th Anniversary: What have we learned about grasses or grasslands in the past 20 years?  

              Vol. 20, No. 4 - Fall 2010 (missing pages 16  17) Feature Article- The Marin Carbon Project: Theory in Practice

              Vol 20, No. 3 - Summer 2010 (missing cover) Feature Article- An Overview of North Coast Grasses

              Vol. 20, No. 2 - Spring 2010 Feature Article- Regenerating Disturbed Soils to Sustain Vegetation by Vic Claassen & Jim Hanson

              Vol. 20, No. 1 - Winter 2010 

              Vol. 19, No. 1 - Winter 2009 Feature Article- Life Histories of Vernal Pool Annual Grasses

              Vol. 19, No. 4 - Fall 2009 Feature Article- Conservation Management of California's Coastal Prairie

              Vol. 19, No. 2 - Spring 2009 Feature Article-Italian Ryegrass: A New Central Coast Dominant? 

              Vol 18. No 3 - Summer 2008  Feature Article: The Ecology and Development of California Oatgrass by David Amme and Sean Miccalef, Grasslands Vol 18(3): 3-11. 

              Vol. 18. No 1 - Winter 2008 Excerpted articles:

              • Restoring the Grasslands of Northern California's Coastal Dunes
              • Grasslands of Pepperwood Preserve

              Vol 13, No 3 - Summer 2003

              • Creating a Native Meadow, by David Amme
              • From the President's Desk: CNGA's "Compelling Stories," by Jeanne Wirka
              • California Primeval Grasslands and Management in the State Parks System, by W. James Barry
              • Solano Grass Still Warrants Endangered Species Act Protection
              • Santa Rosa Plateau Field Trip, by Season Snyder
              • Native Grass Plantings Increase on California Golf Courses
              • Alan Ackerman Beetle, 1913-2003

              Vol 11, No 1 - Winter 2001 Excerpted Article - Resource Management Demonstration at Russian Ridge Preserve, Paul Kephart, Rana Creek Habitat Restoration - Five management options explored in coastal grassland habitat in San Mateo County. 

              Vol 10. No 1 - Winter 2000

              • Effects of soil amendments and mulches on establishment of California native perennial grasses: a summary of selected results, by Cynthia S. Brown, Kevin J. Rice, and Vitor Claassen
              • CNGA remembers Dr. Ledyard Stebbins
              • Dr. Stebbins' final article: 140 of California's native Grasses, by G. Ledyard Stebbins and Craig Dremann

              Grassland Newsletters 1991 to 1997

              Vol 7 No 3 Oct 1997 Feature Articles:

              • Vegetation Mapping of Mojave Biome Completed
              • Final Program for CNGA Annual Meeting, October 23, 1997

              Vol 7 No 2 Aug 1997 Feature Articles:

              • Narrow Grass Hedges as a Conservation Tool for Erosion Control in Agricultural Areas, by Jerry C. Ritchie and W. Doral Kemper
              • Grasslands Notes and Observations: Why Native? by Pat Kennerley
              • Establishment of a Native Grass Nursery, by Dana Sandifer
              • Ecotypes vs Site Specific, by Dennis Fox
              • Relic Stands vs Repositories, by Dennis Fox
              • Annual Conference Workshops

              Vol 7 No 1 April 1997 Feature Articles

              • The Feasibility of the Federal Policy on Native Grass Species - A California Perspective, by Franklin J. Chan and Paul M. Maben
              • Grasslands Notes and Observations: Dr. G. Ledyard Stebbins Publications Available (Bibliography)

              Vol 6 No 4 - Dec 1996 Feature Articles:

              • Suppressive Effects of Zorro Fescue (Vulpia myuros) on California Native Perennial Grasses, by Cynthia S. Brown and Kevin J. Rice
              • Carmel Valley Field Day - 1996 by Mark Stromberg
              • Native Plant Industry is High Quality, by Chip Sundstrom

              Vol 6 No 3 - Sep 1996 Feature Articles:

              • Native Grasses Featured at Pebble Beach Links and Spanish Bay Golf Course, by Mark R. Stromberg
              • Status of Native Grass Book: California Native Grasse-Basic and Applied Technology, by Frank J. Chan

              Vol 6 No 2 - June 1996 Feature Article:

              • The People that Gave the California Native Grasses their [Scientific] Names, by Craig C. Dremann

              Vol 6 No 1 - March 1996 Feature Articles:

              • Research Reports: Germination Enhancement Trials Pilot Project, by M. Melinda Trask
              • Restoration of the Evaporation Ponds at the Topock Gas Compressor Station, by Franklin J.Chan, Christine Smith, and Christoffer Ellis

              Vol 5 No 4 - Dec 1995 Feature Articles:

              • Native Grass Restoration in Flood Zones [Part 2], by Roger Jones and Bryan Young
              • There are No "Pristine" Grasslands in California, by Andrew Dyer
              • "Statewide Policies and Trends in the Management and Restoration of Native Vegetation" CNGA/SRM Joint Annual Membership Meeting, by Phil Hogan

              Vol 5 No 3 - Sep 1995 Feature Articles:

              • Native Grass Restoration in Flood Zones: Preliminary Observations and Cautions, by John H. Anderson 
              • Through the Eyes of a Grazier, by George Work
              • Bunchgrass Observations Topic: Bromus carinatus & Elymus glaucus Storage, Longevity, Genetic Changes and Ecotypical Variations, by Craig Dremann
              • Star Thistle Control with [Non-Native] Grasses, by Craig Dremann
              • CNGA/Society of Range Management Joint Annual General Membership Meeting Announcement
              • Minutes, CNGA Board Meeting, April 14, 1995

              Vol 5 No 2 - June 1995 Feature Articles:

              • Planting Trials for Native Grasses at Lexington Hills, Folsom, CA by Jeff Glaspy and John Zentner
              • Problem-Solving with Native Grasses: These Tough Plants Can Control Erosion, Fight Weeds & Improve the Soil, by Lori Pottinger
              • California Exotic Pest Plant Council (CalEPPC) Notice of Symposium 1995
              • Minutes, CNGA Board Meeting Feb 14, 1995
              • The California Native Grass Association: Goals and Objectives, by Dan Strait
              • Bunchgrass Observations Topic: Purple Needlegrass, by Craig Dremann

              Vol 5 No 1 - March 1995 Feature Articles:

              • Report on CNGA's 1994 Grass Identification Workshop at Bodega Marine Lab, by Dan Strait
              • California Native Grass Seed Commercially Reproduced and Sold as Ecotypes Spring 1995, by Craig Dremann

              Vol 4 No 4 - Dec 1994 Feature Articles:

              • Native Grass Database, by Mark R. Stromberg
              • Relic Prairie Finder: fifteen Prairies Visited by Dr. James Barry in 1971

              Vol 4 No 3 - Sep 1994 Feature Articles:

              • Restoration of the Seasonally Flooded Hordeum brachyantherum Meadow in Northern Sacramento River Delta, California, by Rich Reiner
              • Board Meeting Minutes, June 14, 1994

              Vol 4 No 2 - June 1994  Feature Article: 

              • Tumbleweed Control Pilot Revegetation Project on the California Aqueduct: First-Year Observations, by Johnathan A. Oldham
              • Board Meeting Minutes, March 11, 1994

              Vol 4 No 1 - March 1994  Feature Articles: 

              • Native Pasture Establishment - Carmel Valley, by Mark Stromberg and Tim Curran
              • In Search of Native Grass Ecotypes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Part 2, by Craig and Sue Dremann

              Vol. 3. No. 4 - October 1993 - Feature Articles -

              • Roadside Plantings of Perennial Grasses, by Cynthia S. Brown, Robert L. Bugg, and John H. Anderson
              • Herbicide Trials on Selected Native Grasses, by Rachael Freeman

              Vol 3. No. 3 - August 1993 - Feature article - In Search of Native Grass Ecotypes, by Craig and Sue Dremann

              Vol 3. No 2 - May 1993 - Feature article - Hybridization of Selected California Native Grasses, by Kitren G. Weis, PH.D. 

              Vol 3, No 1 - February 1993 - Feature Articles-

              • Strategies for Establishing Native Grasses, by John Anderson
              • Genetic Guidelines in Region 5 with General Genetic Considerations and Seed Collection and Transfer Guidelines for Native Grasses in California, by Connie Millar

              October 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter - Feature Article- Grassland Restoration in California, by David Amme

              September 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter - Feature Articles-

              • Perennial Grasses for Roadside Weed Control, by Ted Adams & John Menke
              • Preliminary Suggested Genetic Guidelines for collection and Transfer of Native Grass Seed Used in Restoration Projects, by Connie Millar

              May 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter - Feature Article- Seeding After Wildfire in California, by David Amme & Ted Adams

              February 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter - Feature Article- Mycorrhizae and Restoration of Native Grasslands, by T.V. St. John

              October 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article-Grazing and Fire Management, by John W. Menke

              July 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Notes on Native Grasses, by Judith Lowry

              April 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Working with Native Perennial Grasses, by Davis Amme

              On the cover:  A rare significant snowfall on the Mitsui Ranch, in the oak savanna of the Inner Coast Range of Sonoma County near Petaluma. Photo: Jeffery T. Wilcox, Managing Ecologist, Sonoma Mountain Ranch Preservation Foundation, Former CNGA Board Member

              On the cover: Madia elegans (common, or showy madia) growing at Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, CA. Photo courtesy of Emily Allen, CNGA Board of Directors.

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