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CNGA Committees

CNGA Committees help guide policy and complete projects and advocacy work. If you are interested in joining a committee, email: admin@cnga.org.

Active Committees and Committee Chairs, 2018

Executive Committee - Andrea Williams, President & Committee Chair

  • Develops Annual Plan and Budge
  • Assures adherence to bylaws
  • Monitors and analyzes fiscal status
  • Oversees staff operations and personnel
  • Develops policies
  • Review and approves committee work
  • Develops/evaluates fundraising plans and revenue streams
  • Cultivates relationships with donors

Grasslands Editorial Committee -Kristina Wolf, Editor & Committee Chair

  • Solicits submissions for Grasslands
  • Establishes themes for each issue
  • Reviews submissions and recommends modification or editing as needed

Workshop Committee - Emily Allen, Committee Chair

  • Reviews and approves workshop curriculum and materials
  • Establishes and maintains policy for distribution of all workshop materials to the public
  • Plans workshop logistics
  • Leads development of new workshops

Conservation Advocacy Committee - Jim Hanson, Committee Chair

  • Develops and evaluates opportunities for conservation-oriented projects
  • Leads advocacy for legislation and mandates promoting native grass/grasslands conservation
  • Reviews information and current thought pertaining to conservation issues

Development & Outreach Committee - Billy Krimmel, Committee Chair

  • Conducts general outreach
  • Researches grants
  • Suggests fundraising objectives for Board approval
  • Membership Outreach
  • Web page and Internet Outreach
  • Research/Science Committee
  • Outreach to University faculty and students

Nominating & Board Evaluation Committee - Ad Hoc, formed in August

  • Plans for recruitment to meet specific Board needs
  • Develops self-assessment tools for annual Board review
  • Creates a Board development plan to be implemented year-round

Research & Science Committee -- Dina Robertson, Committee Chair

  • Stays current on grassland research
  • Facilitates public access to research-related information
  • Provides content review of information disseminated through CNGA programs

Education and Information Committee -- Kendra Moseley, Committee Chair

    • Develops grassland-related curriculum for use by educators based on California Standards
    • Reviews & evaluates existing on-line grassland-related lessons for use in the curriculum
    • Designs original grassland-related lessons

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