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California's Major Grassland Types

Valley & South Coastal Grasslands

Includes upland herbaceous vegetation in California’s Central Valley extending upslope to 700 or more meters in elevation in the foothills to the coast south of Santa Barbara. Predominately introduced annual species with less than 1% of the pre-European contact native grassland remaining.

North Coastal Grasslands

Occurs in areas influenced by the more moderate coastal conditions from San Luis Obispo County to Oregon.

Serpentine Grasslands

Similar to Valley Grassland, but on serpentine outcrops and soils.

Cold Desert Grasslands

Grasslands along the east side of the Sierra-Cascade Ranges with high elevations and a cold, dry climate.

Warm Desert Grasslands

The grasslands that lie between the Valley Grasslands and the Cold Desert Grasslands. Warm Desert Grasslands are often dotted with shrubs.


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