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CNPS Grass Posters - Set of four, laminated

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California’s native grasses have never looked more beautiful or been more easily identifiable than in this definitive set of posters from the California Native Plant Society. Artist Kristin Jakob drew each grass from live plants in the field. each of the four colorful posters in a set, each 11.5 x 17.5 inches (placemat size), are printed on heavy paper and laminated. Native grasses are depicted on three of the set, and the introduced grasses grouped on the other. Informative text or drawings on the back of each sheet provide specific information about California’s grass flora: one sheet displays the anatomy of a grass including roots, shoots, and spikelets; another contains grass facts; remaining two sheets describe the difference between cool- and warm-season grasses and the story of the invasion of California’s native grasslands.
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