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We Reached our $20,000 Year-End Donation Drive Goal! 
We are grateful for your generous donations which have been matched dollar-for-dollar. 
Thank you donors and Victor Schaff for his $10,000 matching funds donation. 

Photo: S & S Seeds founder Victor Schaff and his daughter, S & S Manager Jody Miller. Photo by Joshua Curry

Print Booklets - California's New Front Yard : Creating a Low-Water Landscape (price includes shipping)

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Replace your lawn with a low water-use native landscape. *Price includes shipping. For orders of more than one booklet or multiple areas please contact us at admin@cnga.org. All four of these booklets are available free to download in PDF form on this store page and on our New Front Yard webpage under programs: https://cnga.org/New-Front-Yard/

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